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I'm scared this looks brilliant really.



eep!!!!! It really sent shivers down my spine. We have a box on the bookshelf with my Grans ashes in it, now I dont mean to be depressing but she died young and she was very much my best friend. Unexpected and strange she died in her sleep of a heart attack which is good I susspose at least she didnt feel it. Apparently my dad said she looked really annoyed when he went to see her but I would be If i were dead. ^_^ Now this is relevant because it shows how much this tiny clip of a movie could scare me it felt like she grabbed hold of me to tell me everything would be ok. But humans believe in silly things like this and I know it is silly but it's always nice to hope that there is something afterwards I'm terrified to face the darkness near the end. Do we just die and thats it.. or is there more. AHHH. I sat awake last night thinking about it before I even saw this clip. I shouldnt be scared of something so natural... it's just ahhh! Well I hope you guys know what I mean.
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